Portable Sonar Fish Finder 3.5" LCD Boat Finder 0.6M to 80M echo sounder 200KHz/83KHz Duel Beam Fish Detector Depth Locator

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Brand Name: Phiradar
Power Source: No. 7 Battery
Language: English
Sonar Frequency: Cable of Dual Beam: 20 degrees: 200Khz, 60 degrees: 83Khz
Detecting Range: 0.6-300 Meter
Sonar Coverage: --
Power Input: DC 10-18V
Display: 3.5" TFT LCD
Resolution: V320 * H240
Front Lighting: White LED
Depth Range: 0.6m-300m / 2ft-984ft
Language: English / Russian/ French / Japanese / Finnish / ...
Boat Sounder: Perfect for ocean, river, lake fishing, etc